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9th June 2020

4pm (Singapore/Hong Kong)
9am (BST, 11am (EET)

Video available online until 24 June 2020

Facilitating the Human Process
Dr David Lines

Facilitating the Human Process

Learn more about Facilitating the Human Process by joining the inaugural Virtual Masterclass in The Art of Process Facilitation from  13 to 15 July 2020

The area of human process is where transformation can occur as individuals seek to find their unconscious biases so as to enhance their personal and professional lives. Developing this practice as a leader, facilitator, coach or organisational consultant is a way of offering transformational experiences for your clients and colleagues.


If you would like to work on your facilitation practice and help others understand their deeper selves, click the link below to find out more details of our inaugural Virtual Master Class in Process Facilitation, available at a discounted price of S$888 for this inaugural run.

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