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A collaboration between  David Lines & Associates, Anu Shroff Consulting and Kaleidoscope Consulting


First Run

12 - 14 APRIL, 2021

19 - 20 APRIL ,2021

Second Run

5 - 7 JULY, 2021

12 - 13 JULY, 2021


3PM - 6PM

Singapore/Hong Kong

8AM - 11PM



via ZOOM


SGD $888

Process facilitation attends to the human dynamics and the unseen processes that may support and possibly hinder our work as effective facilitators, coaches, and organisational consultants. This workshop is for experienced leaders, facilitators, coaches, and consultants who want to develop and enhance their capability to facilitate the human dynamics of groups.

The landscape of the human processes is changing constantly and giving us new challenges and opportunities. The skills involved in seeing below the waterline of groups and individuals is becoming vital for the virtual leader,  facilitator, and coach. Reading the room is no longer enough as we work virtually and the information we have with which we can understand group and individual processes requires us to be able to go beneath the waterline and explore what is happening at deeper levels of human experience. 


This new virtual workshop will be led by Dr David Lines, Miia Lankinen and Anuradha Shroff and has been attended by many experienced professionals who work with and internally to organisations, in the commercial and government sectors.


The aim of the Master Class will be to get beneath the ‘iceberg’ of human interaction when we are facilitating groups. We will explore how this can support and challenge us to become better practitioners, benefit our clients and the organisations with whom we work.


As professional practitioners, we benefit from working together with our peers to develop our facilitation skills. The Master Class will be facilitated using a process facilitation methodology, will be experiential and attend to the interactions between the primary facilitator(s) and the group members. We will outline and use a model of facilitation, based on the research work of John Heron, and then use this as a way of developing our skills adding to what we already know about the art of facilitation.

You will be able to sharpen your observation skills; surface the assumptions and unconscious biases that may be affecting your professional judgements, sense-making and decisions when you are facilitating individuals and groups. 


We will focus on our practice and will take time for everyone to have space and opportunity to investigate current challenges that they would like to receive support, challenge, and focused questions to resolve their concerns.


This is a workshop for experienced facilitators who will experience process facilitation, at the same time learn how to fine tune and develop their professional skills.


The programme will begin with time and space for you to introduce yourself as a facilitator and you will get to know the styles and working assumptions of your peers. We will contract with each other about how we work together and the group will be conducted with complete confidentiality about your personal experiences.

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Dr.David Lines

Dr. David Lines is an executive coach, process consultant, facilitator, and a practitioner supervisor. He coaches executives and CEOs to realise their full potential and develop a deep understanding of how they can lead more effectively and authentically in a fast-paced, changing world. The principles that guide his practice are rooted in the belief that individuals can work out and resolve their own issues and learn within an authentic, compassionate and challenging coaching environment. David has been facilitating programmes on group dynamics and process facilitation for over thirty years.


He recently co-authored a book; ‘The Global Business of Coaching: A Meta-Analytic Perspective.’ with Dr. Christina Evans of Roehampton University U.K. and was released by Routledge on 27th July 2020. More information >


Anuradha Shroff

Anuradha Shroff, is an executive coach, Gestalt group dynamics practitioner and corporate facilitator. Her expertise is in personal development work, facilitation in leadership and public policy programmes and coaching executives who aspire to take the next step in their career and life. She also offers corporate retreats for organisations who want to take a holistic view of well-being as a corporate strategy for employee engagement. Anu holds a BA(Hons) in Psychology/Sociology from the University of Sheffield(UK) and a certificate in Advanced Professional Gestalt Group Dynamics from David Lines and Associates. She also holds a certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a certified coach by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL).


Contact Anu at 


Miia Lankinen

Miia Lankinen is an executive and career coach and a corporate facilitator with a long career in international banking.  In her work, Miia utilises a blend of positive psychology, strengths-based approach and Gestalt principles to build team and leadership capability and to accelerate growth.  Miia has a Master’s Degree in International Business Studies from University of South Carolina and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Positive Psychology from the School of Positive Psychology.  She also holds a Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice - Gestalt Group Dynamics from David Lines and Associates.


Contact Miia at


The “Master Class in the Art of Process Facilitation” (MCAPF), is an immersive three-day experience. It really helped me to reflect and surface my own facilitation biases and hidden assumptions. The group size was perfect, with enough space in the schedule to test ideas with a group of people with diverse experiences. David’s extraordinary ability was to find meaningful questions and expand my own facilitation comfort zones daily. He quietly guided my peers and me to learn together. I really appreciated the personal one to one with David also, with insights and feedback on my own facilitation from the group. The BIG takeaway for me was the lively dialogue for “Flexing your intervention style”. Specifically, I still refer to John Heron’s framework when helping Senior Executives to strengthen their own leadership agility. The significant program investment for me was the inspiration for client engagement. It helped me turn knowledge to action with the “Support Challenge Model” for 500+ Leaders. This was a fantastic experience with the right climate of safety and energy to go “beneath the ‘iceberg’ of human interaction” for facilitating groups. I highly recommend David and the MCAPF program! 

 Andrew Sidwell, Founder bareZero Transformation Leadership Pte. Ltd.

I attended the Art of Process Facilitation at a time when I was starting to transition from a corporate L&D role into becoming a freelance facilitator and coach.  I found the course both informative and practical, with just the right amount of tools and frameworks and lots of experiential elements. Looking into human behaviour and group dynamics in particular have been useful in my work since.

Independent Consultant and Coach

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