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Dr David Lines

David is currently the owner and founder of David Lines & Associates, a company based in Singapore. He commutes between Hong Kong and Singapore on a regular basis working as an executive coach, researcher, and practitioner supervisor. Prior to setting up his own business he worked in the Civil Service College in Singapore as an internal consultant, developing the capacity and capability of internal facilitators of leadership practice. David moved to Asia in 2011 as the Regional Director, Lead Consultant, Asia Pacific, of a UK based leadership development consultancy. In his earlier career he worked as an educationalist in the UK National Health Service.

David researched the career paths of executive company directors for his doctorate. He has carried out research, interviewing over 50 CEOs in the FTSE 150, for KPMG, to produce a co-authored report with Peter Hamill, Thriving in a Diverse Business World. His current interests include executive development and coaching as a profession. He has co-authored, with Christina Evans, an article on identity work in coaching and co-presented conference papers on coaching in a global world.


Dr Christina Evans

Christina is currently Head of Graduate Employability, in the Business School at the University of Roehampton— London and has taught in the Higher Education sector for around 16 years.


Prior to joining Roehampton, Christina had a career as an independent HRM researcher and consultant, whilst completing her Doctorate. In her earlier career she worked in various operational roles in the Information Technology Division of Marks & Spencer. 

Christina’s research interests include career development and talent management, as well as diversity management within organisations. She has published several books and commissioned reports aimed at academic and practitioner audiences. Her key book publications include:, Engaged With What? Employee Engagement Viewed Through a Different Lens, published in 2015 by; Re-Tayloring Management: Scientific Management a Century On, a co-edited book published by Gower in 2013, and Managing for Knowledge: HR’s Strategic Role, published by Butterworth-Heinemann in 2003.


Our aim in writing this book was to produce something that resonates with coach practitioners who want to develop their practice and stimulate a more reflexive approach to coaching, as well as provide a resource that can be used in coach education. In addition, provide a foundation for further questions and possible research into coaching as a field of study and as an emerging profession.

We also wanted to uncover some of the tensions and challenges that practicing coaches face in Asia Pacific. In particular as other work suggests the over-reliance on a mono-cultural perspective, where one culture dominates the discourse of coaching and does not take into account the hidden differences that exist in coaching as a global practice.


EMCC is a unifying and inclusive body covering a wide spectrum of individuals and organisations from volunteering for the benefits of community, professional training and development, counselling, mentoring, executive coaching, life coaching, academic fields, and psychology.

EMCC represents European standards, ethics and code of conduct with a view to assure quality of coaching and mentoring in the industry.

EMCC is run by volunteers with professional administrative support. Members are encouraged to volunteer and engage with EMCC to support their work.

EMCC Asia Pacific is the regional representative body for the European Mentoring & Coaching Council. We offer all the benefits of EMCC International membership along with the advantages of a focus on our own part of the world.  Read more about EMCC International here.


Routledge is a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences.

Founded in 1836, we have published many of the greatest thinkers and scholars of the last hundred years, including Adorno, Einstein, Russell, Popper, Wittgenstein, Jung, Bohm, Hayek, McLuhan, Marcuse and Sartre.

Today Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. We publish thousands of books and journals each year, serving scholars, instructors, and professional communities worldwide. Our current publishing program encompasses groundbreaking textbooks and premier, peer-reviewed research in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Built Environment, Education and Behavioral Sciences. We have partnered with many of the most influential societies and academic bodies to publish their journals and book series. Readers can access tens of thousands of print and e-books from our extensive catalog of titles.

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